The Ancient Triple Moon Goddess Symbol

The following was taken from an original Facebook post. This article is not meant to offend anyone but the original out-formation was provided to show the social engineering surrounding the media events in the death of Kenneka Jenkins! I hope that this knowledge will help open minds and heart to prevent there being another such tragedy without consequences!


Since We Are Wide Awake Now A Demon Is Any Deity That Isn’t The Sun! Case & Point “demigod” This Becomes Very Integral When We Equate The Fact That The Sun Was Depicted As A Circle In Ancient Times! Circle Came From Cirque ie “Cirque De Solei” Circle of the Sun! The Word Church Came From Cirque! That’s Why Church Is Held On SUNday! Now Let’s Take It A Step Further Demi=A Portion Of Something Just As The Word Semi Does! Case & Point Semi-circle Semi-finals Etc Etc! This Demon Is A Deity+Moon This Is Why MoonDay Comes After SUNday! Monos Is The Greek Moon Deity! Money Came From Moon! Money Has Been Known To Make People Become What? Demons Maybe?

Kenneka Jenkins was murdered!


Monotheism Is Moon-Theism! The Roman Name For Moon Is Luna ie LUNAr or LUNAtic! The Akkadian Deity Of The Moon Is Called Sin! This Is Why Moses Received The Torah At Mt Sinai! A Person Being over Emotional Makes Them A Sinner! The Moon Is Associated With The Zodiac Period Of Cancer And Cancer Has Been Deemed A Negative Word Now Because Of The Actual Naming Of The Disease! The Name Actually Applies To The Tropic Of Cancer However! Lastly The Moon Is The Lesser Light According To Gen 1:16 This Is Because The Moon’s Light Is DIM or DEM Compared To The Sun! We Now Know The Moon’s Light Is Actually The Sun’s Rays Bouncing Off The Earth To Give Us An ILLusion Of Light! So Yeah That Actress DEMi MOORe You Guessed It Neo! They Call It SPELLing For A Reason! You Even Have wRITE-ing Which Is A RITUAL or RITE-TO-EL! What Else D? Oh Yeah They Taught To wRITE In CURSE-Ive Didn’t They? So Now I Showed You This Ritual This Past Week, Dates You Should Check, Etc Etc! So Peep What The Latin Name For Moon Is Family!


Selena is the Latinized form of Selene which means ‘moon’ in Greek; it is likely connected to the word “selas” (σέλας), meaning ‘brightness’. In Greek mythology, Selene was the goddess of the moon (in Roman Mythology, the moon goddess was called “Luna” which is the Latin word for moon).

This leads us to the symbolism displayed in Selene Gomez’s video Fetish. The word fetish means amulet or symbol power!

early 17th century (originally denoting an object used by the peoples of West Africa as an amulet or charm): from French fétiche, from Portuguese feitiço ‘charm, sorcery’ (originally an adjective meaning ‘made by art’), from Latin factitius (see factitious).


Pay attention to the synonyms for this word they say it all!

In Astrologial symbolism the freezer would be the winter months this is why Selene ends the video in Spring staring at the Sun/Son!


So this ritual had many undertones that we must all begin to see! Once we are mindfull/mine-FULL of these things it will be harder for them to continue with this Matrix!

Now Go Watch That Video For Fetish Again And See Why She’s Staring At The SUN/SON OF GOD!!!!!!!!!!



  1. The Keneka Jenkins “story” was clearly just that…a story. did the story include ritualistic symbols – yes. was it rife with occult meaning – yes. Dud it actually happen? In my opinion – absolutely not. The media could never get their part of this hoaxed theatrics right. The so called “family” was doing weird things like setting fake press conferences and just myriad activities that didn’t make sense at all. So we have here another false flag, fake, hoaxed “event” that definitely served the purpose of major distraction and conjuring up energy…the kind of energy that is tasty for those who like to consume it. Word to the wise, if it’s coming from mainstream media – dont give it your energy. We all know that the media is a machine owned by a couple wealth social engineers. So to expect anything truthful, positive or progressive is insane.


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