Oh Daughters of Ma’at A Supplication To Sisterhood!



Oh Daughters of Maat, what a wonderful time we find ourselves in now!!! WE, we get to usher in new paradigms of re-embracing the goddess in us ALL. I want you to know, that when you touch your skin, know that you are touching your mother, your mother’s mother, the very FIRST mother! All the warrior queens and goddesses live right within your skin! How amazing is that?! To know we have access to all that ever was. Let us use this to heal one another, to embrace ourselves with utmost love and to journey forward together as the embodiment of the creatress. You are my mother, you are my sister, I AM you and I want to listen to what you need to grow. Sit in stillness everyday daughter. Take those moments for self that you may align with the Great Mother. She will show us the way. I LOVE YOU! You are Divine!! Remember!


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