The Esoteric Wisdom Behind United States Bombing Of Syria April 6 2017!

This article was taken from a Facebook post that explained the United States bombing of Syria on April 6, 2017. Therefore the language and wording used may reflect this theme.
So the post yesterday opened a lot of eyes, and for that I’m grateful. I’m still a baby on this journey so just know that your input is encouraged. The question was posed to me how they decided yesterday to bomb Syria. First, in me doing this, I ask that you, please share this post! First, the attack took place at 3:40 AM local time in Syria, 3+4+0=7 and 7 is G/God/Gnosis/Geometry etc. This is also the G you see in the square and compass of Freemasonry!!!!!
Now, remember these are the Zionists that control these things. So looking into the Hebrew Concordance, we find that 340 literally means to be hostile to enemies!
◄ 340. ayab ►
Strong’s Concordance
ayab: to be hostile to
Original Word: אָיַב
Part of Speech: Verb
Transliteration: ayab
Phonetic Spelling: (aw-yab’)
Short Definition: enemies
They picked the date 4/7 which the first Master number 11 or Al Khalaqa the 11th attribute of Allah. Al Khalaqa means the Creator! The number 47 is also a widely celebreated number in Esoteric circles because there are 47 fixed stars in the Milky Way galaxy. The compass senn in Freemasonry is also opened to 47 degrees. The date also has a correspondence with Jupiter the largest planet and bearer of gifts! Jupiter is in direct opposition to the Sun at the same time being the closest to Earth as it gets in a 13-month pattern. We should know that 13 is a sacred number!  Jupiter Is 414 million miles and 666m km from Earth! 4+1+4 = 9 and 6+6+6 = 18 and there we had two more sacred numbers. Jupiter is worship because it’s the father deity of the Jews or the Jew-Pater. Pater means father in Greek, so Jupiter Is 414 million miles and 666m km from Earth! 4+1+4 = 9 and 6+6+6 = 18 and there we had two more sacred numbers. Jupiter is worship because it’s the father deity of the Jews or the Jew-Pater. Pater means father in Greek, so Jupiter is the father of the Jews. Jupiter is on a 12-year rotational orbit around the sun. This brings us to Saturn which is called “father time” because it takes 30 years to rotate around the sun! So as we always must know that our ancestors had the science first. Now I explained yesterday on the post the significance of 18 and it just so happens that it takes approximately 18 years for what is called the great conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter. The ancestors also said Maat was truth, balance, justice, and righteousness well if we add 12 Jupiter and 30 Saturn we get the 42 principles of Maat. We also see this as Jesus disappeared at 12 and reappeared at 30 (wink wink) I mean according to the story. Again if we subtract 12 from 30, we see 18 again or 666 the spinal column in man just so happens to be 18 inches. Why the incorporation of Saturn you may ask? Well, Saturn brings discipline and logic, many people may have seen companies they work for experience layoffs. This is due to the retrograde that Saturn is in with Sagittarius which forces us to deal with reality. This is predicting a global reset of the current currency system. Saturn is always shown as the old man father time, and recently one of the old men of the evil Illuminati passed. The passing of David Rockefeller signifies the ending cycles tyranny against humanity. Justice freedom and righteousness mark this time of Maat.
Earth between Jupiter and Sun April 7
On this date – April 7, 2017 – at 22 UTC (5 p.m. Central Time; translate to your time zone), our planet Earth passes most nearly between the sun and the outer planet Jupiter for this year. Earth’s faster movement places Jupiter opposite the sun. Astronomers call this event an opposition of Jupiter.
Because Jupiter is opposite the sun, it’s now rising in the east around sunset, climbing highest in the sky at midnight and setting in the west around sunrise. It shines more brightly than any star in the evening sky, and is the second-brightest planet, after Venus. But Venus only shines for a short while before sunrise at present while Jupiter stays out all night long. Before dawn now, you might catch them both: Venus blazing low in the east and Jupiter, a bit fainter but still brighter than any star, shining in the west.
Jupiter comes to opposition about every 13 months. That’s how long Earth takes to travel once around the sun relative to Jupiter. As a result – according to our earthly calendars – Jupiter’s opposition comes about a month later each year. Last year – in 2016 – Jupiter’s opposition date was March 8. Next year – in 2018 – it’ll be May 9.
Saturn and Sagittarius in Retrograde
Saturn’s transit through Sagittarius will require that we face reality for the truth that it is and that we work it from there. Saturn in Sagittarius will require that we go the full distance, that we get more committed to our future, that we put in the time and employ more effort, that we climb the tree of higher knowledge, that we accept the teachings and employ them diligently, that we write and speak more truth. We must be astute in our forward-looking. Quite simply stated, the future – our future – depends on us.
The future now becomes a more pressing priority. It will become imperative to get a better hold on it. Saturn in Sagittarius marks a critically shaping time for careers, lifestyles, trends, private lives, and public ones. Stop to observe for a moment and you will see that the end of Saturn in Scorpio is proving to be a precursor to the work that lies ahead. (A major story now hitting the news: the Sony hacking scandal that has to lead to a terrorist threat, the pulling of a movie, and an upset North Korea.) As stated previously, whether we near a finish line or a start line, what occurs during these years will establish the foundation for some time to come. Generally speaking, Saturn in Sagittarius is a facilitating and time-is-ripe influence for the fire signs Aries and Leo, and air signs of Libra and Aquarius. Both Sagittarius and Gemini face endings, beginnings, and/or goal reaching of great significance. Virgo and Pisces folk are poised to move through critical turning-point thresholds. Taurus and Cancer have significant adjustments, juggling, and transition work to do. Scorpio will farm, amass, and/or consolidate further from what has been explored and/or begun over the past couple of years. Capricorns will continue to work their way through a culmination and completion chapter, while at the same time their next script gains its storyline.
Saturn’s effect on the global economy
For the world to be brought into balance a global currency reset must occur. The new Earth economy will be built after our currencies are made honest. The Devil’s time with global currencies comes to a close. Saturn’s upcoming retrograde in Sagittarius will signal the beginning of the long-speculated global currency reset that will ultimately lead to financial justice for all Earth citizens. Global financial alchemy of unprecedented magnitude begins on April 6th of 2017 with Saturn’s retrograde in my beloved house of Sagittarius.
Global Currency Reset
The currencies of our world have become instruments of oppression, injustice, and idolatry. The true value of wealth has been lost to the artificial conjurings of Mystery Babylon’s money masters. Trillions have been siphoned illegally from national economies and sovereign debt crisis rage in the civilized world. But God has His perfect antidote and I tell you it comes by the stars of our future. The global currency reset means that God will make all money honest once again. Expect this, don’t fear it when it comes, and know that the Illuminati will lose trillions.
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