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Before I began this segment I’d like to send condolences to the family of John Becker.
John Becker died a couple of days ago of cancer in which should’ve been detected, he also had an inordinate amount/level of rodent feces in his bloodstream.

Mr. Beckers Government Assigned Job was in the kitchen. a filthy if not the filthiest area of this prison, a matter I’ll definitely broach in the next segment of this multi-part series, may your family find solace, John.

As I’ve mentioned in the former segment profits are a main motivation in & of today’s Federal Bureau of Prisons agenda’s, not rehabilitation, the profits of Administrative Segregation (Ad-Seg) in the form of the Secure Management Unit (SMU) are astronomical to say the least, the mistreatment is at an all-time high yet swept under the Federal rug.

To receive a SMU program all one has to do is receive #3 write up’s or refuse to work, to examine this procedure & the why’s of certain aspects of it will make the taxpayer question the funding (via them) of such programs in which are designed to really de-humanize Men who are for the most part already troubled.

Let’s walk through the steps of receiving an SMU designated program, the smallest of infractions will result in one going to a Kangaroo Court called DHO, (Disciplinary Hearing Officer), lets examine a typical write up, I awake miserable & angry with me for placing me in this position in life & I have an encounter with a Staff member whom 80% are miserable that they have to be here as well, in the course of this minor encounter I tell Staff, “Man I’m not trying to hear what your saying early this morning” BOOM!! That’s a write up for insolence for I just responded to Staff in an aggressive way or manner, #3 such write up’s warrants SMU placement.

After being housed in Ad-seg for months I’ll find my-self on a plane from say Victor-Ville California en-route to Lewisburg Pennsylvania in order to be housed in the SMU Program which will be a 9-12 month program currently, at one point it was a program in which you had to complete levels & if you messed up on one level then you had to start all over, years in such a program can drive a person crazy for it’s a very volatile environment, I do agree that when a person is very assaultive & in constant violation of rules then there should be consequences in which a higher level of management is warrant, but to place a guy who speaks up for him-self in such a environment & place him around a large percentage of Men who are NEVER going home & whom are extremely violent, well that’s wrong & doesn’t add up.

The SMU, for the most part, is geared towards making a person catch additional time, it’s a racist environment, you’re intentionally housed with gang members who are arch rivals, it’s a dog eat dog environment & not everyone in prison is an animal for lack of better words, the SMU places predator’s & prey in the same environment knowing the consequences of such practices, but profits must be made & quota’s met.

Point in fact, the SMU is a testing ground & I’m not speaking on the testing of a Man’s mental & physical stamina, no it’s a testing ground for new weapons such as tear gasses, tasers, the latest in non-lethal projectiles, flash grenades & any other new proto-types manufactured & in need of human test subjects, the SMU is fertile grounds with weekly met quota’s of guinea pigs, I mean subjects to be utilized for weapons testing at the slightest provocation, these SMU testing grounds are located nation wide & for some reason if your from one geographical area & designated to the SMU then you’re shipped to another geographical area as far away as possible form yours…..PROFITS…..



The journey of placement in the SMU begins with mistreatment in the form of de-humanization from the start, once one is designated to for the SMU you’re black boxed which is having your wrist restrained in a device that prohibits the movement of your hands, this is how you’re transported via both bus & plane, your legs are shackled & the only way in which you can walk is to shuffle, once you reach what’s called a hold-over facility you’re placed into Ad-seg awaiting further transportation, should you demand to be treated humanely while in the hold-over facility & try to resist, you’ll find your-self being subject to a muffling device rendering you mute & four pointed, four pointed is limbs stretched and shackled to the four corners of a concrete bed.

Next stop the SMU, nine out of ten times you receive a good old ass kicking while black boxed, this is a normal welcoming procedure, after this welcome to the SMU introduction then comes the time for your first write up, if you’re black & deemed a true screw up they try to place you in a cell with a Neo-Nazi who has Swastika’s all over his neck & face, you refuse to be housed with him thus your first write up, REFUSING A DIRECT ORDER, you just added more time to your original sentence.

The profit margin began the moment you were placed in Ad-seg at your point of origin, what a scam, how so?
Hazard pay for Staff working in Ad-seg on top of their normal pay scale this is why so many sadists like working Ad-seg & SMU, there’s a budget for transportation (gas), the plane ride (fuel), pay for transportation staff both on ground & in the air, once you reach your destination it’s the same monetary scam for staff & the institutions on the receiving end, there’s a budget for funding allotted in the arena of weaponry & devices needed to maintain order in the SMU even though most of the weapon proto-types are donated in the hopes of companies receiving Government contracts, yes there is definitely a budget in the millions for SMU in it’s self.

You know even though I’m a part of this multi-billion dollar corporation, a part due to the foolish choices I & I alone made in life, I don’t defend Men who choose to not abide by rules set in place for a prisons general population, but I do defend right & most Men in the SMU are there due to wrong-ness by Staff & Staff actions, the corruption of the process makes a Man like me who’s desensitized to so much, it makes me sick to my stomach, the rampant de-humanizing aspects need to be addressed, there needs to not be just an over-haul of the entire system but also an audit of the funds allotted to the SMU program, a non-partisan committee should be convened, tax payers pay attention.

Most of us Men incarcerated will one day be coming home, but ask your self, what state of mind will we be in?
America holds 25% of the worlds prisoners & spends 80 billion dollars a year on those released with a nearly a recidivism rate of half coming back, the Feds release most Men with skills that are draconian, I’ve personally have never seen a phone, I have no idea how to operate one, sure I’m intelligent & will take a full #3 days upon my emancipation to learn how to use an object as simple as a modern phone, imagine paroling from the SMU, would you want such a person living next door to you ?
I know I wouldn’t want a functioning illiterate who’s been conditioned to live as a predator living next door to my family or friends for that matter.

Does this sound harsh? No it’s a reality of what the F.B.O.P is cultivating inside of these walls & I’m locked up yet I still wouldn’t want a Man who’s been altered psychologically for no reason what’s so ever other than profit & a minute infraction to say the least, in order make him eligible for a quota required program, but then its like I said earlier “PROFITS ARE A BEAST”.

You know I’m really queasy physically by just writing this, this is a vicious reality check for even me, I want better for all people & the current state of affairs in the F.B.O.P. isn’t conducive to the betterment of those incarcerated nor their families or future neighbors in the communities in which they shall parole to, there has to be a solution, you can’t lock everybody up as a solution & then treat them as an animal while molding them into predators.

FACT: prey will also become predators to a weaker person. Enough! This segment has worn me out!





Sometime again, sometime again.
Stay aware,
Og Bri-Dee…



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