RE-READ the title of today’s Ogee Minute…State of the Streets, my origins, State of the Union, notice I said Union, not Confederacy, History, His-story & our truth.

Why is it that this week the Governor of Alabama signed into law a Legislative Bill designating statues over 40 years of age as one’s protected from removal due to historical significance…Who’s historical significance?

Definitely not our historical significance, really give thought to the overwhelming theme of this newly signed bill, Jefferson Davis, Robert E. Lee, Stonewall Jackson, the Quantrill Raiders, Bloody Bill Anderson, all of whom are/were slave owners, mass murders, & terrorist, the theme of this bill is N**GA’S don’t forget & if you do we shall remind you that we may have lost the physical war but the mental belongs to us, (meaning them).

Now these statues are protected by a public figure in order to be projected on public display on a constant by the descendants of these terrorist, notice I called them terrorist, now how can you not agree with this assessment of them after all from the Middle Passage to the Mass Exodus of the early to mid-twentieth century of us from Southern States to Western & Mid-Western as well as Northern States of & by us as a people it should be obvious we were fleeing terrorist.

The Middle Passage, we were kidnapped from the Mother-land and thus became Refugee’s on a foreign soil, we were displaced, migration from the Southern states due to lynching’s & Jim Crow to Western, Mid-West, & Northern States made us more so Refugee’s in a mental & physical disarray.

Let me rewind for a minute the terrorist I’ve mentioned thus far get daily accolades , but what about our Freedom Fighters, not protestors but fighters, where are the statues of Gabriel Prosser, Denmark Vessey, Nat Turner, George James, Medgar Evers, Malcolm X, Fred Hampton, & Huey Newton just to name a few, Y’all don’t hear me though or do Y’all ?

Things of this nature cross my mind, even to the point of why is it that in 2018 Stephon Clark of Sacramento California can be murdered in his own yard, but then in a sad but true way it’s self-explanatory after all 3,699 Brother’s between 1868-1935 were documented as to being lynched, notice I said documented, I personally don’t hate the white folks I just recognize that a lot of their ancestors were Historical Enemies of my ancestors.


The current State of The Union in America is a beast in its-self, I’m the 2nd Generation descending from displaced Refugee’s who fled the South, my grandparents migrated to California from Mississippi & it’s terrorist, my Grand-Mother Laura is a Refugee displaced to the far West in the early part of the 20th Century.

It’s sad that the Millenniums don’t pay true attention to these statues of the rebels, the losers of the Civil war as a Millennium subliminal message being placed into their mind’s, between prison’s disenfranchising Brother’s, if you can’t vote you have no say over you or anything in your Community, & the glorification of Southern Hospitality, a tradition of Slaves catering to massa & his/her guest from servitude to sexual deviancy, we still take 8 steps forward & 12 backwards.

Look at Today’s Germany (of all places), it’s against the Country’s Law to have statues of any of the losers of the WWII, there are no statues of Hitler, Goebbels, Heimlich, or any other Nazi’s, nor is there any displays of Swastika flags, memento’s of WWII Nazism, yet in America go to certain states you’ll see Confederate Flags proudly displayed, statues of Confederate General’s & the president of the Confederate states, its all good to daily re-enforce the message of we tried & it’s all good but if you N**GA’S can’t be enslaved the old fashion way then concrete plantations will do.

Now don’t get it twisted I love America, this is my Country, after all, it was built on #3 Black Things, Slaves, Petroleum, & Coal, & true it also was stolen by thieves & is currently being ran by crooks, I get the hoola-hoop over Russia & the Global Soap Opera, but Black Folks don’t let this distract y’all from the reality of us as a people still in a state of Refugee-ness, don’t forget how in the early 80’s when Civil-War was destroying parts of Mother Afrika, Sudan, Rwanda, & parts near, how famine killed millions in league with genocides & the atrocities of Civil war, don’t forget Russia was at that time 100% + Anti-America as well as the dominant Communist Country but at the same time Russia was starving.

America under the leader-ship of a Republican President (Ronald Regan) sent a BILLION dollars worth of surplus wheat to Russia yet allowed MILLIONS of Afrikan’s to starve, yet eased starvation in a country that was an enemy of The United States, so today I want y’all to look at things for what they are, quit paying attention to the GLOBAL SOAP OPERA of porno stars, Prostitutes & the Buffoon Orange 45 pissing on each other, pay attention to “OUR” on back yards, the Stephon Clarks, the NO FREEDOM FIGHTER STATUES of “US”, yet protection of statues representing former slave owners & mass murders, TERRORIST !!!!

Help me figure this mess out !!!!
Sure I’m for all that the MILLENNIUM’S are doing in the form of Black Lives Matter!
To the unity with others who are truly color blind, this is beautiful yet I NEED for y’all, my Folks, the Generation of Right Now to be conscious of what’s going on to prevent the change Y’all are bringing, so learn who “OUR” FREEDOM FIGHTERS were, push to dismantle statues of the former terrorist, enlist your friends of all colors. this is what today’s OGEE MINUTE is really getting at.

I took a hiatus, to clear up thoughts triggered by events that affect me as they should Y’all my people of The Generation Right Now & I hope this all over the place thoughts of mine make thoughts of y’all’s become the action needed…..

Some time again, Some time again Y’all…
Stay aware…
Ogee Bri-Dee


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