PART #2.



In part one of this series, I spoke on companies in which are contracted or contracted related via slave labor to the F.B.O.P.
(Federal Bureau of Prisons), as a result of this slave labor “ONLY” Citizens of this Country by Federal, State, & Local law can work legally in this Country especially in the Federally Contracted job field, so this brings me to the subject of Uni-Cor which is the department in the Feds in which covers work in all Government Contracts/Contractors.

Section 1.
All persons born or naturalized in
the United States, and are Citizens of
jurisdiction thereof, are Citizens of
the United States and of the State
wherein they reside.
Amendment XIV
ratified July 9th, 1868-
Citizenship, due Process and
Equal Protection of the Laws.

Segue: 47% of the F.B.O.P. consist of inmates housed who are Deportable Aliens with the vast majority coming from Mexico, there are approximately 200,000 Men at all times incarcerated in the F.B.O.P. so this means an estimated 80% shall be deported keep this statistic in mind as you view the Uni-Cor pay scale I’ll touch on as well as keep in mind the schemes the Feds use in justifying the blatant disregard of Federal law in order to keep the continuum of slavery in 2018.

Notation: I’ve nothing against Mexican National’s, you can trust you me on this for I share 3 wonderful Sons with a Mexicana, so a racial connotation, no never that, just facts presented to y’all of modern-day slavery coming from a perspective on all fronts.

The below are a few more products contracted for companies:

Hangars for Macy’s Dept. Stores
Uniforms & Carpentry for Dicks Sporting Goods
Codes for U.S. Patent

To research on your own simply Google Uni-Cor in/on the F.B.O.P. website.
I don’t want to focus on the far too numerous companies whom contract with the F.B.O.P., what I want to focus on is the slavery these companies conspire to keep alive & flourishing & what better way to show then the pay scales (slave wages) of the slaves & the design of schemes the F.B.O.P. has put in place to keep Uni-Cor workers/slaves broke.

Uni-Cor has a pay scale called grades, I’ll start at the low end & work my way upward, these are based on actual monthly pay stubs in which I’ m using as references:

Grade #5…………..Pay – $43.37 for 197 hours worth of work.
Pay – $19.15 for 83 hours worth of work. (Grade #5 no G.E.D. this is the top pay)

Grade #4………….Pay – $52.44 for 114 hours worth of work.
Pay – $37.15 for 80 hours worth of work.
Pay – $57.96 for 126 hours worth of work.
Pay – $60.95 for 132 hours worth of work.

Grade #3…………..Pay – $54.68 for 79 hours worth of work.
Pay – $57.15 for 82 hours worth of work.

Grade #2…………..Pay – $138.00 for 150 hours worth of work.

Grade #1…………..Pay – $192.00 for 152 hours worth of work.

Also there is over time involved & a host of other incentives such as bundle work, yes it sounds like slaves picking cotton & meeting a certain required quota, well in Uni-Cor the average bundle worker has a quota of #28 bundles per shift & if you slack you’re fired, the bundles are basically clothing to be sewn for uniforms, shirts, etc. now lets back track for a second, a Grade #5 gets you $43.37 for 197 hours worth of work minimum & if your a Mexican it’s a strong chance you don’t have a G.E.D. & shall be deported due to an illegal entry charge in which you’re doing time for, this charge carries a sentence ranging from 3 years to 15 years depending on if it’s your first illegal entry, the average sentence for illegal entry over all is 7 years in which you do 6 years 2 months (Fed time is 85% of sentence), this non-English speaking guy may be welding protective armor for Humvee’s or making flak jackets for different branches of the Military for Government Solicited Contracts in the 10’s of millions by the Defense Department & this guy receives only $43.00 monthly.

Companies can lose licenses, contracts, and/or be fined for hiring undocumented residents for Government Contracted employment, profit is a true motivator, a beast as I like to call it, so how does the F.B.O.P. get away with breaking Federal Laws & Regulations?



Well the F.B.O.P. says due to the fact that these deportable aliens will be released to ICE & must appear before an Immigration Court this fact leaves their immigration status un-known therefore it allows for them to work in Government Contracted Jobs, so let me help you understand, a guy can’t speak English yet he’s allowed to work around English speaking Men now if that isn’t a work hazard then what is ?

These guys have an ILLEGAL ENTRY, charge, & sentence in which he’s currently doing time for if that’s not a no-brainer for his deportation status then what is? Yet this is how the Feds justify & cut corners on money saved, or pocketed kickbacks?
This is just one area of scandals & schemes swept up under the Federal Rug, the Whale in the fish pond no one seems to notice or pay attention to.

Remember when I said in Part #1 I’d never work in Uni-Cor well this is why, I’m charged & sentenced for a take over Bank Robbery, the charge is 317 (d), 2113 (A) & (D), & a 924 (c)….The 371(d) is a conspiracy charge, the 2113 A & D is an Arm Bank Robbery, the 924 (c) is a MANDATORY #7 years consecutive sentence, now even though I wasn’t involved physically, I conspired so this in its-self makes me just as guilty, in fact I was the Master Mind, yes I’m guilty, all Federal Banks are insured, the next time you go to a bank look at the posted signs that say FDIC, this means Federal Deposit Insured Corporation, what this guarantee’s the bank & customer is a re-imbursement of funds loss, stolen, or taken by robbery, BTW I NEVER made a statement on this case or was indentified, the snitches gave me up, once again guilty of conspiring this I ‘am, all of my paper work on this case is solid & you can retrieve it under the Freedom of Information Act, it’s public record, had to throw that in lol, retiring from the street with a solid name in & from my former life style.

Now back on track, by banks being F.D.I.C institutions all monies are covered but if you owe what’s called RESTITUTION which all bank robbers owe, this means what ever was taken you must pay back & if you work in Uni-Cor then before you even see your check half is automatically deducted monthly, imagine you owe $60,000.00 as a result of monies taken during a robbery, the money is insured but you still must pay it back, it even goes on your credit score & if you parole still owing & miss payments back to prison you go, so in Uni-Cor you work 200 hours for slave wages in a month & half is taken, true you did a crime but aren’t you paying via your sentence, this amongst other reasons is why in a 15 years span of incarceration I’ve NEVER worked in Uni-Cor, I work in the building that’s my Gov assigned building, I clean the showers in which I use, this way I know there clean, I can care less about the $20.00 monthly slave wages, I care more so about being germ free.

Now here’s another vicious twist employed by Uni-Cor to keep individuals enslaved to the slavery of slave wages, most prisons have what’s called Uni-Cor buildings in which house both shifts of Uni-Cor workers, for the most part, none of these Men knew how to manage money when they were in society, the F.B.O.P. know this so what does the F.B.O.P. do to manipulate & relieve these Men of their monthly slave wages ?

A variety of tactics are utilized such as Uni-Cor workers have priority & the privilege of going to commissary first, early mornings the day after payday before general population can go & of course the commissary is well stocked with health attacking products & exorbitant prices for example:

#1 Ramen Soup.30 cent
#1 Generic Keefe Coffee 3 oz. bag $3.65 cents
#1 bar of Dial Soap or Tone $1.05 cent
#1 bar of Dove soap $1.85 cent
#1 MP3 Player that cost $10-$20.00 in society cost $89.00 in here (plus you pay for your songs)
#1 radio handheld $10.00 in society cost $44.00 in here & you need a radio in order to hear the T.V.

this is just a small example of prices, in the Uni-Cor Building the workers are encouraged to spend, to buy shoes that cost $20.00 in society but $65.00 in here, using the phone is limited, #5 hours monthly at a cost of .90 cent per minute or $3.15 cent for 15 minutes, #20 calls cost $63.00 & the ironic part is after the #300 minutes (#5 hours) are depleted you must wait until next month so the anticipation of talking to loved ones makes you look forward to spending your slave wages that much quicker the schemes don’t stop there.

I personally love music I’ve over a #1000 songs on my MP3 player the max amount is #1800, the F.B.O.P. has a song list of close to #50,000 songs in which maybe each one cost 10-20 cents tops or they may have down loaded them for free who’s to say, well the purchased catalog belongs to the F.B.O.P. & roughly #60,000 Men own MP3 players in here with an over all average of #150 songs per Man (all can’t afford to buy songs) the songs owned in the F.B.O.P. purchased catalog are sold over & over again for the all time price of $1.50 cent per song, what a scam a come up, my #1000 songs alone cost $1,500.00, but this isn’t all, in order to use the e-mail we must purchase minutes which are called units this is the pricing of such units:

#40 units $2.00
#100 units $5.00
#200 units $10.00
#300 units $15.00
#600 units $30.00

In order to even read your e-mails you must have units, personally I spend an average of $200.00 monthly on e-mail units, today’s Ogee Minute already has hit me for $15.00, this may not seem like much but when you factor in me pausing for I’m coming off of the top of my head so I stop, think, & write, yes time is money & money is time, I’ve also e-mails I daily answer roughly a #100 per day, not including my FB page amongst other things, man what a scam !

Prisoners depend on their jobs to survive so this creates a perpetual state of slavery, I mean like the food is so atrocious, a subject I’ll touch on in an upcoming segment of this inside looking out, how can one save money for release with so many forces aligned against him?

It’s like Brother’s are constantly encouraged to spend money on want’s as well as necessities such as phone calls & e-mails to keep a hold on sanity, the grand design of the F.B.O.P. is an accident by design, an accident for Brother’s who’ll one day, for the most part, be going home, home broke & free all of a sudden desperate thus creating the cycle all over again, breaking the cycle is something I’ll touch on as well in the future for there are ways to over come this stacked deck but discipline is a key & that is not a priority for money management directed at the slaves of the F.B.O.P., me I’m that Rebellious Slave planning for the day of his emancipation, gotta call it like it is I’m in a slave conditioned society of incarceration physically, not mentally, I liberated my self-years ago mentally & you my audience are that much-needed therapy. thank you’s are never enough, especially for Dewayne Hendrix, Helluva Man, Helluva Brother.

The Feds claim they are broke, they’ve shut down 1/3 of the halfway houses why?
The in-take federally of new slaves is a constant, I’ve been in Leaven worth the United States Prison for nearly a year now & for every week I’ve been here an average of #2 buses weekly arrive depositing new slaves, so who’s pocketing the money, this is the note I’ll end on but my next segment will cover the mis-treatment & the profit margins associated with it, after all I was last in Ad-seg (Administrative Segregation) from May-Oct of 2016 single cell status due to allegations of an assault, trust I know all about mis-treatment.

Until then, some time again, some time again…..
Stay aware,
Og Bri-Dee



Sometime again, sometime again.
Stay aware,
Og Bri-Dee…


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