PART #1.


Section 1.
Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude
“EXCEPT” as punishment for crime whereof
the party shall have been duly convicted
shall exist with-in the United states or any
place subject to their jurisdiction.
Amendment XIII
Ratified on December 6th, 1865
Prohibition of Slavery.

What does this mean ?
It means those incarcerated, on parole/probation are legal slaves, it means substandard food, pay, & treatment, it means slavery in 2018 is a multi-billion dollar business.

In this multi part series I shall present to you my audience a insightful look at some of the Federal Bureau’s biggest kept secrets, the topic’s & subjects at hand will be enlightenment that will bring awe, yes I said awe on what’s really going on, this will be from a insider’s view, a what I call a on the inside looking out after all this is my 15th year of incarceration with a little under 3 to go.

I will examine & present pays scales & government contracted work done by incarcerated Men & Women, mostly Men though based on we’re the dominant one’s incarcerated, some of the companies who contract with the FEDS are the below;

Dept. of Vet Affairs OFC Installers Un-limited DOD Special Boat team Twelve Argi Dept USDA
Chicago Heights Vet Ctr. Hayward California San Diego California Food & Nutrition Service
Chicago Ill. Alexandria Va

I can go on all day on these Government Contracts to and from companies, but you’ll get the picture as you really read & get enlighten.
Segue: A partner of mine who’s incarcerated worked in a job area in what the above contracts are commonly referred to as UNI-COR, he didn’t have a G.E.D so he made $40.00 monthly yet for the same job in society he made $5,600.00 (Gross Pay) monthly, his Federal Prison Uni-Cor Department had a 8 million dollar quarterly budget, a quarter is 90 days, pay attention ! Slavery !

Now bear in mind one Uni-Cor can generated a 32 million dollar yearly budget this doesn’t included the charge for the work & a prison which has multiple Uni-Cors gets multiple quarterly budgets, now factor in all Federal prisons in which have Uni-Cors, a ball park multiplication, Millions in the 10’s of millions or perhaps billions after all there Government Contracts so yes it’s safe to say billions after all the Uni-Cor in Victor-ville was contracted to place plates in Humvee’s in order to prevent injury from I.E.D’s, (Improvised Explosive Devices) used in Iraq & the Middle East countries America has been interfering/warring in for the last 17 years, top pay $200.00 monthly for only a hand full of workers, I’ll be touching on a lot of products manufactured in Uni-Cor’s.

Uni-Cor is the elitist of jobs in Federal Prison for it has the highest pay scales, next on the totem pole is the kitchen with Clerks, Butcher’s, Vegetable Preparation Worker’s, & Cook’s pay scales at the high end.
The food is sub-standard in most Institutions, how so ? Well I personally don’t eat pork & I rarely eat beef there-fore poultry is a stable of my diet yet when chicken received has stamped on the boxes “NOT FOR HUMAN CONSUMPTION” would you eat chicken on the bone or any other chicken for that matter in any other form knowing such stamps/labels are on the boxes/packaging ?


It’s such a poor quality of food being served in here that if one doesn’t have a caste iron stomach then health issues will definitely prevail, the kitchen too has quarterly budgets, the average kitchen has #4 departments per shift with $1500.00 budgets for each department covering two shifts yet separately in the arena of budgets, so 12k for two shifts every 90 days, now this is only for Convicts pay not a budget for other area’s like food , cleaning supplies, etc.

Most federal Prisons House 5,000 Men so imagine the cost of food for that many Men quarterly & the benefit of the Contactors who sell the Feds sub-standard food.

The mis-treatment of Convicts is also a big business with in the Feds based on there are programs called S.M.U.(Special Management Unit) a convict can be placed in a year program for simple/minor infractions (write up’s). example #3 write up’s for what’s called insolence which can consist of saying “Man watch how you talk to me I’m grown!” this can get you a insolence write up, or not working for the Feds say, ANY able bodied Convict must work (slavery) so off to the SMU you go, housed in a hostile environment in back water U.S. of A, designed to add more time to your sentence, the business end of SMU placement is transportation by Staff, hazard pay, & the isolated housing is added pay to staff, plane fuel, bus fuel, big bucks indeed.

Now what does all of this mean to you my audience ?
Plain & simple 80% of us Brothers/Sistars will be coming home one day & the combination of these things can & do alter one’s mind & way of thinking, it makes one abnormal, reality check, 1 out of 4 Afrikan American Men are incarcerated, and or on probation or parole, the average Federal sentence for Men of color is 10 years, so what this should mean to you my audience is what can be done to help us 80%’s.

This multi-part series is a eye opener to secrets amongst other things, its a insiders view being shared with out side views once again I’ve 15 years in with a little less than 3 left to go, BTW if you’d like to friend me on FB feel free

Brian Darnell Berkley Sr
D.O.B. March 4th, 1964
Compton, Calif.

Perhaps if you choose to you can place a face to me who’s holla-n at y’all my folks.
Now back to a quick note, I personally refuse to work Uni-Cor, I’ll touch on the why’s of as I go further into this series, but for 8 years I worked in the kitchen, I’ve a saying, “I’m not going to help me die” meaning I work out & watch what I eat, so for 8 years I had partial control over what I ate, how ever now I exist on mainly fish products & poultry products purchased in the commissary, also the can vegetables which are of good quality, noticed I said canned.

Well in the next segment I’ll address Uni-Cor in detail followed by other scams & over charging, yeah $3.15 for a 15 minute phone call & $89.00 for a SanDisk MP3 player plus $2.00 for every song you purchase, trust I’ll enlighten y’all to a lot of the wrongs & how there is a monolopy on services/contracts utilized by the Feds…. on that note…..

Stay Aware
Og Bri-Dee




Sometime again, sometime again.
Stay aware,
Og Bri-Dee…


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