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In the last segment of this #4 part series I mentioned the unfortunate death of John Becker, I also mentioned how I’ll show the correlation between the Food department & the Medical Department, it’s strange how 90% of medical diagnosis are framed around a central themed question; “what did you eat” ?

Isn’t that strange, you go to the Doctor for a health-related ailment/problem & one of the first questions asked is “what did you eat”? Doesn’t that sound somewhat strange to even you who’s reading this, I know it would to me, what’s even stranger is that 99% of the time the standard treatment recommendation is to take #2 Tylenol & drink plenty of water….WHAT !!!!

This is a truth of the normal procedure’s in the F.B.O.P., let me walk you through the medical process & procedures of the F.B.O.P. commonly referred to as Sick-Call, first step you report to the infirmary/medical dept., fill out a form stating what ails you, your then locked into an over capacitated room/waiting area with Men who have tuberculosis, hepatitis, & a host of other communicable diseases, a large part of these Men due to their country of origin & immigration status have tuberculosis, well they’ve never had immunization shots, & another large percentage of the Men in sick-call are heroin addicts with hepatitis, HIV positive, & aids patients.

To top all this off as you wait hoping a communicable air born disease doesn’t fly your way & affect or infect your person, you know you’ll been seen by for the most part an incompetent medical facilitator, a medical facilitator who’s level of incompetence bar’s she/he from a job in society, thus making the F.B.O.P. a viable option for employment with benefits including a very low risk of liability or lawsuits for malpractice.

So here you sit amongst Men who have little home training coughing with out covering their mouths, you stand as far as possible away from them in this confined waiting area, I know don’t come to jail, but then I do know I’m a Hue-Man as I hope you reading this realizes also, never the less finally you’re seen by the incompetent Medical Staff Member, your blood pressure & temperature is taken, you state your problem, the same one that’s on paper in front of this incompetent, you’re charged for this medical visit & told to buy some Tylenol from the commissary & drink plenty of water, commissary is once a week for you or if you’re broke then what ? You’re also told that commissary has over the counter drugs so utilize them.

But doc my lower back is in pain on the left side, as in John Becker’s case of constant complaints, well since you work out slow down on your workouts, but hey Doc how about an examination is that asking for too much? John Becker died of pancreatic cancer, which when it was actually detected it took all of a couple of months for this workout, eating correct Man to die, yet he complained for months of the pain he was in.

I personally have C.O.P.D. Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease, my right lung functions in a 50% capacity, from 2006-2012 I complained of shortness of breath to medical staff, after 6 years of complaints I was finally sent to a Medical facility in society & immediately correctly diagnosed.

I work out fanatically & have done so for years, due to my work out regime I’ve been told by medical staff that my lungs compensate for oxygen from other areas of my body, this is what I’ve been told, I can’t afford to get sick in here for infections of the lungs will definitely contribute to my demise, so sick call is a last option for me, I really can’t risk infections from a preventable out-come, which is by avoiding sick-call I can avoid communicable air borne diseases, I’m good though for I do what I must to stay fit, slim & trim (Check me out on FB) a plug lol…..

Now keep the medical aspects in mind as I bring to light how the food dept. correlates with the medical department. Like an investigative reporter I have my sources as well as do my research, the food here is horrific not made for human consumption, the sanitation would get any restaurant of place catering to the food industry immediately & permanently shut down, the food dept. is a breeding ground for filth thus a host of cross-contaminates, this is why I don’t doubt my sources telling me Mr. Becker had rodent feces in his system post-humorously, he was a very big Man who worked out extremely hard.

From reliable sources I’ve been told that periodically chicken received in/at Leaven worth has labels on the boxes in which say, “NOT FOR HUMAN CONSUMPTION” yet it’s still served, as for the cooking & preparation of chicken on the bone 90% of the time it isn’t fully cooked, a breeding ground for salmonella, I was told that a couple of months ago staff was informed that the chicken was green & had a foul odor, the response was “cook it any way they(Inmates) won’t know & they (Inmates) love chicken”. NOTATION: Sick-call was packed the next day.

To show the tragedy of this place & it’s food as well as medical departments, I recently received a cell-mate who’s been here approximately #30 days, so that’s #90 days of meals served, he’s probably eaten #12 times total in the garbage hall, I mean kitchen, he’s also a health-conscious Brother who works out.

The only thing I personally eat in the food dept. is the pre-cooked, pre-packaged breaded chicken strips, the canned vegetables, that’s it, no breakfast, no fish or poultry served in there with exception of the chicken strips, no lettuce (possibility of e-coli), the beef NEVER!!!!
Yes I have a cast iron stomach, but I refuse to eat in the Grade F minus food department, by now it should be obvious that the food dept. & medical dept. go hand in hand.

I live off of & out of the commissary which is actually designed to give you high blood pressure, diabetes, or cholesterol levels that are abnormal, they no longer sell vitamin B’s, C’s, E’s, D’s or Calcium Pills, I wonder why, me my-self I avoid the products designed to hamper ones health, I buy poultry, fish, oyster’s, mackerel’s, tuna’s, black beans, natural almonds, granola, p-nuts, pepper’s, p-nut butter & jelly, & brown rice, this is my stable fare of food that I must eat in order to stay fit, they do sell generic Multi-Vitamins in which I buy, some thing is better than nothing.

Most Men in here can’t afford the 200% mark up items in commissary & aren’t health conscious, did I mention the average F.B.O.P. commissary makes 25-50k weekly selling health attacking junk food such as pastries (that are molded more often than not), chips, soda’s, candy-bars, & top ramen’s, these are the most requested items & the most affordable. These men after years of eating this crap in here develop severe health-related conditions resulting in a cost to tax-payers that’s completely outrageous.

Most of these Men will be returning to society, to your communities as well as mine with health issues developed while incarcerated that shall prevent them from gainful employment, so recidivism excels for these Men released back into society based on an attitude of, “If I don’t work I don’t eat” which becomes a, “break the law to survive mentality”.

This #4 part series wasn’t written in or with the intent of these poor prisoners, it’s been written to point out problems in a society/country that incarcerates 25% of the world’s prison population & a seeking of solutions to problems that need a solution for a broken corrupt system which shall one day release back to our communities the Men its molding into wrecks health-wise, Men who will return to prison or become burdens medically to the taxpayer, all of which is preventable.

The revenues generated from this multi-billion dollar machine called the F.B.O.P. isn’t seeking a solution, F.B.O.P. “FEDERAL BUREAU OF PRISONS”, is that what it stands for?

I say F.B. O. P. stands for “FREQUENTLY BACKWARDS ON PURPOSE” how else can you keep all of this unaccounted for money flowing via fraudulent budgets, after all the former President Obama shut down #13 private for-profit prisons only to have Orange #45 (Trumpo) re-open them as soon as he stepped into office, yet 1/3rd of re-entry facilities have been shut down.

Well Y’all a Brother gave a from the inside looking out insight & it was draining writing this, but hey! Maybe, just maybe a solution shall be sought? Yeah, this wore me out Y’all it truly did…..


Sometime again, sometime again.
Stay aware,
Og Bri-Dee…



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