The Science & Magic of The Number 14, The Deity Ausar, & The Hand of God!



The Pharaoh In Egipt was also considered a living embodiment of the Sun. The deity Ausar/Osiris is a solar deity and so is Jesus! The Sun is the provider of all in this star system that you live in called The Milky Way Galaxy Neo! To further drive home this point we see that in the explanation of the genealogy of Jesus we see that the number 14 is used 3 times. 

Matt 1:17

17So all the generations from Abraham to David are 14 generations; and from David until the carrying away into Babylon are 14 generations; and from the carrying away into Babylon unto Christ are 14 generations.

The number 14 has been associated with the deity Ausar because according to the story Ausar was killed by his evil twin Set/Sutukh and 72 conspirators. This being important to the Solar Hero story because the Sun is a Divide of 72. David is the Sun and David is dividE. This allegory being also how the sons of the sea or Seasons are how we divide the Solar year. David is also the moon, so you see Neo this is what the homosexual affair that David had with Jonathan was really about. David backward is the diva! Which is Dina which is another name for the Moon. David is also associated with the number 14 because 14 divides the moon into two pieces for the moon is on a 28-day cycle! The return of Exile, after the rebuilding of the Temple, the Israelis celebrated the Passover the 14th day of the first month. (Ezr 6,19). Jacob worked 14 years for his uncle Laban to be able to marry his daughter Rachel. The first period of seven years he allowed him to take Leah for woman, the older sister of Rachel, and after the second period of seven years, he could finally marry Rachel. And Jacob had of Rachel 14 sons and grandsons. (Gen 29,15-30 and 46,22). The weddings of Tobit and Sara last 14 days. (Tb 8,20),. Paul wrote 14 epistles in the New Testament. The Virgin Mary was 14 years old at the time of Annunciation according to the visions of Mary Agreda. The Apostle James and brother to Jesus was killed 14 years after Jesus. The sufferings of the Christ are said to have begun 14 days before Passover to finish with his passion.

The Deity Ausar, David, & Jesus all have a correspondence to the number 14

Every year, the celebration of Easter is never done in the same date, contrarily to the feast of Christmas which is always celebrated on December 25. At the fourth century after Jesus Christ, one established that this major feast of the liturgical calendar would be celebrated the first Sunday following the 14th night of lunation of March, according to the Hindu faith, 14 Manous control the world in successive and equal reigns, during the great cycle of the Maha Kalpa or Day of Brahma, having 4320000000 solar years. According to Saint Anselme, there are 14 Beatitudes. There are 7 for the body and 7 for the soul. The seven Beatitudes of the body: health, beauty, agility, force, liberty, pleasure, & longevity. The seven Beatitudes of the soul: agree, honor, power, security, joy, wisdom, & friendship. A young man enters puberty in his 14th year! The number 23 aka “The Laam” is mentioned 14 times in the Bible. The story of the 14 and Ausar refers to the human hand in which there are 14 phalanges. The letter Yod is the tenth letter in the Hebrew Alphabet. Yod is also the most common letter in the Hebrew Torah. Many Kabbalists refer to the Yod as a state of consciousness, however. It is said that Yod being 10 which is one step from 9 the end of a cycle means that Yod is representative of I, me or my. Being that Yod is the most used letter in the Hebrew Torah this makes sense that the God of the Torah stated that his name was “I am that I am”.

14 phalanges of the hand represent half the moon cycle Neo!

The motto for Aries is “I am” so again it makes perfect sense that the correspondence with the deity Ausar is here. Ausar was a willing sacrifice and the Laam is sacrificed. The Laam is the Ram which is Aries which was also Ra the sun deity just as Ausar is a solar hero. In Astrology Yod takes on another connotation, however. Yod is a rare astrological aspect that involves any three planets or points in the horoscope that form an isosceles triangle. This phenomenon occurs when two planets are sextile (60° aspect) to each other, and both are then quincunx (150° aspect) to a third. The Yod is formed when the two planets make a sextile aspect and the third planet is opposite their mid-point. That third planet must make angles of 150 degrees with the other two. If you drew lines on the chart connecting the planets, you would get a Y-shaped formation that seems to point to one part of the horoscope. The Y is important to point out because Ausar being the first homo sapien male, is also relative to the Biblical Adam story. The Y shape in the cosmos is related to the Y chromosome in man.

Different images showing the true expression of Yod aka “the hand of god”

The Fake Religious expression of Yod

The Jewish explanation of Yod in the headdress

The origin of the headdress Auset in KMT

This chromosome just so happens to be Laam because it is the 23rd chromosome. One of the many reasons that the pattern and construction of the Genesis story are important to see. I will explain this further along in the book but do note that Ausar is considered “the heavenly father” in many stories. The Greek word for father is Pater and we see the father Pater in the word pattern. You will completely overstand this concept once you have completed this scroll! Now the Yod as you see is connected to the Y chromosome and “the hand of God” is really a cosmic formation more than it is pertaining to anything of religious implication. 14 generations from Abraham to David and from David to the carrying away to Babylon were 14 generations. There are 14 more generations from the carrying to Babylon to Jesus as well. Now we see that 14 is. This number takes us back into the science of the ancestors and the 42 Negative confessions or what is called the 42 principles of Ma’at which means divine truth, justice, and righteousness.

All is number, All is connected, & All is in ALL! This expression is how we must begin to examine these so-called Holy Books to garner supreme overstanding of the underlying message! The 3 characters Ausar, Jesus, & David both carry characteristics of the Sun and the Moon! We must look deeper than the surface level communication conveyed by fake religious ideologies! The expiration date of those lies is here!

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