The Three Witch Symbolism Shown Throughout The Matrix!


The Weird Sisters Also Called The Graeae

Taken From Supreme Science Volume 1 Does The Matrix Really Exist?

Rosenkreuz was born in 1378 1 + 3 + 7 + 8 =19 this is the number of the flower of life. 13 is also M and 78 in the number of cards in the Egiptian Tarot deck. On to St Germain we see that he as Bacon faked his death on Easter Sunday. The date was 4/9 or 13/M if you add the 13 to the year 1 + 6 + 2 + 6 = 15 you get 28 or 7. Then he became immortal on 5/1/1684 the 5/1 eventually became known as “Mayday”. Mayday is an emergency procedure word used internationally as a distress signal in voice procedure radio communications. This day is associated with mayhem, and this is the day he became immortal. You may ask the significance of this date, well this story goes hand and hand with the Dracula story. He traveled from England to Transylvania this is usually the theme in movies like Bram Stoker’s Dracula. This movie just so happened to star Keanu Reeves.

Prince Charles The Admitted Descendant Of Vlad The Impaler

Reeves just so happened to play Neo in the Matrix trilogy. Do you still think these things are coincidences? The character was played by Gary Oldman implying Dracula has lived many lifespans, so he is the old man. The immortal in this movie Dracula has three vampire witches that are symbolic of a common theme. These three witches are also called the weird sisters. This theme is said to originate with a book called Holinshed’s Chronicles. This book was published in several volumes and is a collaborative effort that describes the history of England, Scotland, and Ireland. This is the symbolism behind the three witches in films like Hocus Pocus, Clash of the Titans, Percy Jackson and the Sea of Monsters, and The Witches of Eastwick. The blonde haired Witch represents England; the dark haired Witch represents Scotland, and the red-haired Witch represents Ireland. These three witches are used symbolically to destroy powerful men. This is why in the film The Witches of Eastwick (the East is Europe wick is Wicca/witchcraft) the devil himself didn’t prove a match for these women. This is also to show the power of women uniting, this is why there are so many standards created to make women hate each other. These three witches can be seen in real life events such as the scandal that rocked the Clinton administration. These three women were Gennifer Flowers, Paula Jones, & Monica Lewinsky. These three women were shown with their hair dyed even if the color wasn’t their natural color. The three women that many have suggested destroyed the Black Panther Party are Angel Davis, Kathleen Cleaver, and Elaine Brown. There are many suggestions as to why these three never did prison time and have still been allowed to speak on behalf of the movement. These three women roam freely while Assata Shakur is still in exile for a crime she didn’t commit. Many of the Black Panther Party members were murdered or placed in prison on trumped-up charges, but these three are still free.

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I think that no person is above questioning especially when so many lost their lives for this cause. These three witches are also shown today in the form of Kourtney, Khloe, and Kim Kardashian, this also is KKK or 33. The controversial Kanye West also showed this same symbolism with his Yeezus Album cover. The three women also apply to the fake Hyksos Jews who are the children of Abraham. The Biblical account of Abraham depicts him having three wives Sarah, Haggar, and Keturah. This was taken from the Ancient Egiptian stories of Het-Heru/Hathor, Nebet/Nephthys, and Aset/Isis. These three deities are the three women in the lives of Ausar/Osiris and Heru/Horus. We must also remember the scandal that lost General David Petraeus his job. Petraeus was removed as the CIA Director once the details of an extramarital affair with Paula Broadwell became public information. The general’s wife Holly and a socialite named Jill Kelly were also shown in the media spotlight surrounding this scandal. This spectacle was simply a means of communication through symbolism. Now back to St Germain and the story of Dracula. This story is also intertwined with the story of Vlad the Impaler. The film Dracula Untold shows a young Vlad making a deal with an elder vampire to save his people. The interesting thing about the story is that there was a man named Vlad III, Prince of Wallachia aka Vlad the Impaler that was said to be the real Dracula. In 1431, King Sigismund of Hungary, who would later become the Holy Roman Emperor, inducted the elder Vlad into a knightly order, the Order of the Dragon. This designation earned Vlad II a new surname: Dracul. The name came from the old Romanian word for dragon, “drac.”. The legend of Vlad the Impaler states that he got the name by dripping his enemy’s blood dry or impaling them. He would then consume their blood just like a rare piece of meat. This was shown in the television series Da Vinci’s Demons Season 3. Vlad was enlisted to help defeat an invading Muslim Army. What is even more interesting is on Oct 8 and 9 2014 there was a meteor shower from the Draco star constellation.