The Science Connecting The Parthenon to Ancient Kemet!


The Parthenon built to honor Auset Isis! The Jedi Council shows one DJedi in the center as the Sun with 12 Jedi Knights/Nights in a circle. The room was green an ode to Ausar! 

The Virgin is a reoccurring theme throughout comparative religion and cosmology. In Greek, the word for virgin is parthenou  “παρθένος” and this is where the temple of the Parthenon in Greece gets its name. The origin of parthenogenesis as told by the Greeks states that Zeus created Athena from his own head. This myth is a plagiarization of the original birth of Heru/Horus in which Auset/Isis/The Virgin resurrects the body of Ausar that has been cut into 14 pieces. The temple was said to have been built between the 5th century and 432BC. 432 denoting 9 of course but also the tone of Aum which is also the megahertz of the Heart chakra. Heart being an anagram for Earth and the resonance of Earth is also 432mhz.

The Heart/Earth Chakra is Green because it vibrates at the same frequency as the planet 432Mhz!

The Parthenon has 8 Doric columns on the front and 17 columns on the sides. So, you see why I kept showing the correlations to the spinal column in Supreme Science Neo. 1+7 = 8 and there are 8 columns in the front. The woman’s spinal column is 17 inches. The column is an important correlation to the symbolism being conveyed. The Zed or Djed pronounced “Jed” in Ancient KMT denotes the spinal column of Ausar. Which was shown as the Djed pillar and this is where the term Jedi comes from. George Lucas used this allegory very well in Star Wars. The Jedi is the Mental Master, this applies to the deity Ausar. Ausar is also called Osiris and you can see the word Isis in Osiris. The deity state of Osiris in man is to become the Jedi by opening the 3rd I/Eye. You see the man’s spinal column is 18 inches 1 + 8 = 9. The I/Eye is the 9th letter in the alphabet because the Jedi/Djed-Eye has climbed Jacob’s ladder/9 and opened the third I/9.

The Djed in KMT is the spinal column where the ELectric current flows in your your body

Fake religious imagery of Jacob/Yakub wrestling an angel

This motif is why Jacob became Israel, which means “ascend to god” in Gen 32:30 And Jacob called the name of the place Peniel: for I have seen God face to face, and my life is preserved. This motif is also the implication used by the pine comb the denotation is the pineal gland. The very popular application used by Apple is Siri. Siri just so happens to be an anagram for Iris as well as SIRIus. This motif just so happens to apply to Auset. She at times is depicted as Sopdet with a five-pointed star on her head. She is the original Eastern Star!

Sopdet the EASTERn Star notice the original star is inverted in the OES logo

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