The Anu/Ta/Twa/Pygmy Tribe & Their Significance To The World!


The Ta Neter Meaning “Earth Deity” Showing The Original Anu or Ptah People!

The Following is an excerpt from the book Supreme Science Volume 1 Does The Matrix Really Exist?

Due to the fact that most of the stories dealt with nature, stories would then change based on the environment. A good example would be the reverence that the lion would have in Africa versus the Jaguar in South America or Mexico. We must begin to realize how the ancient ones came up with the stories and how they were in constant observation of the attributes of nature. It also shows how in tune they were with the universe. The story that is associated with Betelgeuse in ancient Peru is where we will now look. Peru has great significance because it is truthfully the real Jerusalem. We will start with the fact that there is a link between ancient Egypt, the Dogon tribe of Mali, and the Inca of Peru. We must first establish the fact that the original people of the Americas were the Nuwbun or Nuba people that migrated from places like Uganda and South Africa which was then called Raphali. These people were also called Ta-Nehisi, Ptah, Ta, Tar, Pygmy, as well as Annu. The Anu people are also referred to on the walls in Ancient Tama-Re Egipt as Ptah. Commonly called Dwarf or Dinig the Anu people are the oldest indigenous people on the planet. 

Inu/Anu People Of The Phillipines

The title Annu refers to Heliopolis “the city of the sun” in modern day Egipt. Anu is the name given to the Most-High in the Sumerian texts and later became known as Abraham in biblical mythology. This is why Abraham became known as “the father of many nations in the Bible.” The Anu people migrated all over the planet to the modern day Americas where they became known as Olmec. They were also called Nuwba this predated the title Nubian which came after Arab invaders came into Egipt, Ethiopia, and Sudan. Once the mixing in of Arabs took place the title Nubian “new being” was applied. This is why the wavy curly 7 and 8 ether hair is so prevalent in African countries nowadays. The term Africa itself is an Arabic word which came from Al Faraqa, which means to part separate or divide. The first slave owners were Arab it doesn’t take rocket science to figure it out! The Ta Neter, which is in Heliopolis the city of the sun Annu which is the name of “The Most-High” in Sumeria and where you get the suffix ON AN & EN, all giving reference to Anu of the Annunaqi all indigenous people come back to Annu AfricAN, MexicAN, EthiopiAN, EgiptiAN, & Native AmericAN! The biblical story of Abraham was grafted from Anu of Sumer as well as other deities. This again is why Abraham became known as the father of many nations!

The Anu People

So who were the Anu People?
Well, you’re about to find out.

The Anu were the first or original people of this epoch of man’s history. As the original (Type I) Homo sapiens, their time of dominance extended from around 200,000 years ago to around 25,000 years ago. After that time, another form of man called Homo Sapiens (Type II), became principally dominate.

In terms of stature, the Anu were short or diminutive people; standing around 4’3″ on average. Typically, they had roundish faces, very little body hair, and their skin was of a brownish, melanic hue. Later populations of Anu built the beginnings of major cities and complex societies. Their world comprised civilizations we have yet to fully comprehend. For instance, their later progeny produced the earliest foundations of societies like pre-dynastic Kemet (Egypt), Sumer, Elam, and Chaldea of Mesopotamia, Angkor Wat, the seminal Shang Dynasty in Far East Asia, as well as societies throughout the Amerikas, Oceania, and the Pacific Islands. Towards the end of their reign, Anu peoples developed metal smelting; and this was some 30,000 years ago. Around this same time, they also created the concept of fishing using nets – evolved agriculture so that man did not have to wander – originated various styles of arts, crafts, architecture, and the sciences, which later fueled the thematic and intellectual world of what we know as modern empires.With a brain (size and complexity) comparable to the brain of modern man, the Anu undoubtedly mastered language, and likely communicated on many planes or dimensional levels.

The Lollipop Guild In The Wizard of Oz Were The People Dorothy Met Because The Anu Were The First People!

Arithmetic, geometry, esoteric proportions and symbology, numerology, astrology and astronomy, geology, philosophy, chemistry, medicine, and other physical, social and metaphysical sciences were their gifts to an unfolding world. Furthermore, it is this author’s belief that these small people where also the first to reveal divine wisdom to humanity; wisdom that has been conveyed through the ages via myths and legends. Then, as translations and interpretation, these revealed bits of wisdom ultimately became what we now know as our Bibles, Qur’an, Gitas, Vedas, Torahs, and many other sacred books of scripture. Although this conclusion may differ from what you have been taught or believe, it is still very much in-line with the physical evidence that is being unearthed on a regular basis. And based on what we are currently learning about the Anu people, it is not far-fetched to believe that they were the first people to utter those seminal words; words that link all humanity to the foundations of creation

Question: You said one of the names of the Anu people was Tar. Is that where the term Tar Baby comes from?

Answer: Yes, that is correct.

Question: Can you elaborate on this more? 

Answer: I will do my best, according to the urban dictionary tar baby is defined as followed.

Disrespectful Imagery Used To Humiliate Melanated People!

Tar baby 
A dummy made of tar, which cannot be struck without getting oneself hopelessly stuck to it–from the story “Mr. Rabbit and Mr. Fox” by Joe Harris, as told by his fictional narrator, Uncle Remus. 

Tar baby has become shorthand for a situation better avoided than confronted.
The issue of immigration has become a tar baby for President George W. Bush.

Nigger, porch-monkey, coon, jigaboo, spook, spear chucker, moon cricket, black jungle bunny, nigga, yard-ape, negro, spade, tar babies African American, cotton picker, jig, monkey, night

As you can see this is a very derogatory term to describe Melanites. The greatest example used in this Matrix was Disney’s cartoon Brer Rabbit and Tar Baby. Brer Rabbit is a symbol of racism in the south. The saying he survives by his cunningness alone was adapted by “The KKK in Georgia also known as The Sons of the Confederates & the Eatonton Group”. These are descendants of John Putnam a warlock that was instrumental in killing innocent people because they wouldn’t convert to Christianity in the Salem Witch Trials. The Putnam family later moved to what’s now known as Eatonton Georgia, which is in Putnam County. Putnam County was supposedly named after Israel Putnam, who is a descendant of John. These people were also a key in the removal of the Yamassee Native Americans still in Georgia. The last Yamassee stronghold was the southeastern part of Georgia and North Florida extending to what’s now known as St John’s County. This includes Savannah, Charleston SC, McIntosh, Liberty, & Camden County GA as well. These Confederates murdered many Native Americans in what’s now known as Brunswick Georgia. The name Brunswick means Braun or brute force and Wick from Wicca or Witchcraft. The 1946 Disney film Song of the South is based on two Br’er Rabbit stories, “The Laughing Place” and “The Tar Baby”. The character of Brer Rabbit was portrayed as more of a “lovable trickster” than previous tales. Disney comics starring that version of Brer Rabbit have been done since 1945. The Magic Kingdom and Disneyland thrill rides, both known as Splash Mountain, are based on the above 1946 film’s animated segments. Brer Rabbit also appears at the Walt Disney Parks and Resorts for meet-and-greets, parades, and shows. He also has a cameo appearance in Who Framed Roger Rabbit and appears as one of the guests in House of Mouse. He appears in the film Mickey’s Magical Christmas: Snowed in at the House of Mouse, often seen hopping in the applauding crowd, as well as in the video game Kinect Disneyland

Brer Rabbit A Symbol Of Racism In The South!

Adventures. Starting with the first Splash Mountain Disney park attraction in 1989, Jess Harnell has provided the voice acting for Brer Rabbit in all his modern Disney appearances since. On April 21, 1972, astronaut John Young became the ninth person to step onto the Moon, and in his first words, he stated, “I’m sure glad they got ol’ Brer Rabbit, here, back in the briar patch where he belongs. In 1975, these stories were retold for an adult audience in the cult film Coonskin. This was a direct-to-video film directed by Ralph Bashiki based on The Adventures of Brer Rabbit. In 1984 composer Van Dyke Parks produced a children’s album called Jump! This album was based on the Brer Rabbit TalIn the television show Star Trek Insurrection the Starship Enterprise enters a region of space called the Briar Patch. At some point during a battle with the Son’a, Commander Riker states that it is “time to use the Briar Patch the way Br’er Rabbit did.”1998, The African-American rapper Stephen Brackett of Flobots goes by the stage name Brer Rabbit. This segment on Brer Rabbit is in part came from an internet article during my research, I, however, am not able to give the citation on the site because it is no longer active.