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I have written many things over the years to show the fallacies of the 3 Euro-based monotheistic religion. Many of you may think that Islam isn’t a Euro-based religion but you are sadly mistaken. Many of you may think the same about Judaism, but again you are sadly mistaken. What you must begin to see is the differences in our original practices and what became the dogmatic practices that are celebrated today due to lack of knowledge or downright deception in the name of god. I have written an article in the past showing that the same company publishing almost 80% of the Bibles in the world also publishes the Satanic Bible and gay porn as well. You can read that here!

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Today I would like to explain the significance of the Rock-Hewn Church at Lalibela in Ethiopia. First, to see this part you must know that the first church was the Coptic Church. The common narrative used in describing the world’s oldest church is connected to false biblical doctrine. Many websites listed will say that the oldest church in the world is Saint Georgeous Church in Rihab in northern Jordan, built-in 230 AD. According to the false narrative, this church is where early Christians fled to escape persecution. Supposedly Archaeologists say they have evidence suggesting the church sheltered the 70 disciples of Jesus Christ. According to experts, the 70 fled from Jerusalem during the persecution of Christians.  The secret underground church allowed them to practice their rituals in secret. Historians say they didn’t leave the cave until the Christian religion was embraced by the Roman Empire. A mosaic inscription on the floor of the church describes the early Christians as ‘the 70 beloved by God and Divine’. Archaeologists say there is a circle shape area in the cave, believed to be the apse, and several stone seats for the ecclesiastics.

First off you have every right to believe this narrative. This narrative also brings into question the number of disciples Jesus Christ of the Bible had. The so-called oldest church in the world shows depictions of 70 disciples so now you must ask where have these extra 58 disciples been the whole time. The number 58 can become the number 13 however because 8 + 5 = 13. The 13th letter of the English alphabet is M. I have explained the esoteric meaning of numbers and letters that correspond to help you see the codes for some time now. The M is Muhammad, Messiah, Moses/Musa, Malachi, Mary, as well as many others. This motif is simple to overstand because M is the median point! The axis of the language. I teach about Ancient Kemet in-depth because it being the axis of the world’s knowledge! In explaining this you must know that the original customs and traditions that became religion were funded in Ancient Kemet aka TamaRe. The Coptic Church origin is said to have begun in Egypt.

According to National Geographic, the word Coptic’s origin is in Kemet.

The name Copt has had a long journey. It comes from the European pronunciation of the Arabic word qibt, which derives from the Greek name for Egypt, Aigyptos. This in turn is derived from Hwt-ka-ptah, a temple in Memphis dedicated to Ptah. The Coptic language also arose from a blend of cultures, of Egyptian words written in Greek script. Several dialects evolved over the centuries, and many important Christian texts have been discovered written in Coptic.

The following is an excerpt from my book Red Pill Alchemy Volume 1!

The first thing we must know is about the planet’s “Axial Tilt”. The planet sits on a 23.5-degree tilt while revolving on its axis. In Sufi Islam Al Qutb, which means “the axis”, is the perfected state of man. It is widely believed that a person can reach “Qutbhood” through what’s called “Mushahadah”. Mushahadah is said to be the vision of God obtained by the illuminated heart of the seeker of truth. Through Mushahadah, the Sufi acquires yaqin or real certainty, which cannot be achieved by the intellect or transmitted to those who do not travel the Sufi path. The ultimate goal of the Sufi is to overcome the carnal self and win the mujuhadah. The mujuhadah or jihad that the Sufi fights are the inner struggle within one’s self. They can then see as Allah sees and shed the veil (hijab) of ignorance.

These beliefs are far from what the mainstream media in America depicts Islam to be.

Sufi, however, is one only sect of Islam and there are other sects that have been known to make Quranic translation seem more literal. The sad reality, in this case, is that unbeknownst to many, Sufiism may be the closest form of worship to our original metaphysical.

Rock-Hewn church at Lalibela carved out of rock.

Notice the X from the aerial view!

Notice the X symbolism surrounding the cross.

The conquering Lion of Judah the flags make an X as well!

The pyramid shows an X from the aerial view.

The Union Jack flag of the UK U/21 + K/11 = 32 which is 23 inverted. They want to be 23 the axis but they have stolen our sciences.

The 4 fixed signs of the Zodiac aka S.A.L.T Scorpio, Aquarius, Leo, & Taurus!practices. Taking this a step further we see that the word Qubtic is relative to the Egiptian word Coptic. The Coptic church is said to be the oldest church in Christianity. This becomes extremely important to see that even the concepts of churches today originate with Egipt and Ethiopia. The most popular Coptic church is called the Monolithic Church. This name was given to a collection of 11 churches in Lalibela Ethiopia, which is in a region called Amhara. The most renowned of these churches is the rock-hewn church of St. George, also called Bete Giyorgis. You may recall in song lyrics for The Final Hour, Lauryn Hill said: “now I’m a get the mozzarella like a Rockefeller still be in the church at Lalibela singing hymns acapella”. Lauryn amongst many other of our entertainers have been trying to wake you up for too Long Neo! This church is carved out of one single rock in the mountain region of Amhara. Ethiopia is divided into 9 ethnic regions, Amhara being in the northwest part of the country. Ethiopia is our Ether-Utopia as we see that the Amhara region holds Ethiopia’s largest of inland water called Lake Tana. The name Tana just so happens to be an anagram form the Egiptian deity Anat.

How long has Lauryn been trying to wake you Neo?

Anat was known in many cultures. In KMT/Egipt she was known as a war deity, and often paired with Ashtart. They become allies to Set/Sutukh in his contest against Heru/Horus. Set/Sutukh would be considered in one aspect of allegory as the desert of lifeless land. So, these deities as women i.e. water as in the primordial waters of the womb. They help overcome their barren land and make nature fertile and full of life. The Akkadian story of Anat shows her as An/Anu the ruler of heaven in femiNINE form. Anat is mentioned in the Bible in multiple places as either a person or a place. She is mentioned in Joshua chapter 19 in the allotment for Naphtali/Nephthys. Joshua/Yashua 19:38 “Iron, Migdal El, Horem, Beth Anath, and Beth Shemesh. There were nineteen towns and their villages.”.

Do note that the Bible lists Anat 0r Anath as a person is two verses and a place in two verses.

Judges 1:33 Neither did Naphtali drive out those living in Beth …

Neither did Naphtali drive out those living in Beth Shemesh or Beth Anath; but theNaphtalites too lived among the Canaanite inhabitants of the land, and those 

Judges 3:31 After Ehud came Shamgar son of Anath, who struck down 

After Ehud came Shamgar son of Anath, who struck down six hundred Philistines
with an oxgoad. … After Ehud, Shamgar son of Anath rescued Israel. 

Judges 5:6 “In the days of Shamgar son of Anath, in the days of 

“In the days of Shamgar son of Anath, in the days of Jael, the highways
were abandoned; travelers took to winding paths. 

Joshua 19:38 Iron, Migdal El, Horem, Beth Anath and Beth Shemesh.

Iron, Migdal El, Horem, Beth Anath and Beth Shemesh.Yiron, Migdal-el, Horem, Beth-anath, and Beth-shemesh–nineteen towns with their surrounding villages. 

These verses further validate that the Bible is a book of allegory versus literal translation. Moving forward we see that the word Qubt or Qibt means axis!

Qutb, Qutub, Kutb, Kutub or Kotb (Arabic: قطب‎), means ‘axis’, ‘pivot’ or ‘pole’

So as you can see the word Coptic is associated with Kemet of Egipt and is defined as the axis! The original Axis or Qubt of religion started in Egipt. The traditions of the Coptic Church are a replica of the Mystery System of the ancestors! The Qubtic axis relates to the deity Tawraret and this is where Torah comes from. The original Ta or Ptah people migrated into Ethiopia. These events were in large part due to wars. There many monuments that prove the Ethiopians were once the Egiptians! The Qubtic or Coptic church is however traced back to Kemet. The church was alleged to have started in 42 AD.

According to its tradition, the Coptic Church was established by Saint Mark, an apostle and evangelist, during the middle of the 1st century (c. AD 42).[2] Due to disputes concerning the nature of Christ, it split from the rest of the Christendom after the Council of Chalcedon in AD 451, resulting in a rivalry with the Byzantine Orthodox Church. In the 4–7th centuries the Coptic Church gradually expanded due to the Christianization of the Aksumite empire and of two of the three Nubian kingdoms, Nobatia and Alodia, while the third Nubian kingdom, Makuria, recognized the Coptic patriarch after initially being aligned to the Byzantine Orthodox Church.

An obelisk found in Axum the same obelisk is shown in Kemet

So you see that the oldest church can’t be in Jordan. We must also overstand that we will be misled until we seek facts and truth! I explained these things because the traditions of the Coptic church is based on Ancient Kemetic practices. Do note that the year 42 AD is also code for the 42 principles of Ma’at the Egiptian deity. Now in finishing up, do know that the Axum is the axis!

Axum or Aksum (/ˈæksuːm/Tigrinya: ኣኽሱም Ak̠ʷsəmAmharic: አክሱም Ak̠sum) in Ethiopia is the site of the historic capital of the Aksumite Empire. It is now a tourist town[1][2][3] with a population of 66,800 residents (as of 2015).

The X is so prevalently shown in Kemet and Ethiopia due to the X representing the four fixed signs of the Zodiac

The 4 fixed signs of the Zodiac.

S.A.L.T Scorpio, Aquarius, Leo, & Taurus!

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