The Hebrew Letter Bet AKA The Cosmic Womb


The path that I have traveled to attain knowledge, wisdom, and overstanding has inspired what I write in so many ways. Due to these travels, I have looked in every nook and cranny possible to gain insight and clarity. This article will be followed by other articles due to the complexity of the esoteric concepts implied. In this article, the focus is on The Hebrew letter Bet. In order to comprehend language, we must comprehend the spiritual force behind the words we speak. In order to truly do this, we must comprehend the letters withing the words. We may also realize why the ordering of these letters. A perfect example of this is the word alphabet. The word alpha comes from the Greek language.

1 [e]Ἄλφα
 1. alpha 
Strong’s Concordancealpha: alphaOriginal Word: ἄλφα
Part of Speech: Indeclinable Letter (Noun)
Transliteration: alpha
Phonetic Spelling: (al’-fah)
Definition: alpha
Usage: alpha; the first letter of the Greek alphabet.

In Arabic, the first letter is Alif

In Hebrew, the first letter Aleph

The word Bet means house in Hebrew.

Now in understanding that the word alphabet means the first house. The word in itself carries a cosmic connection in the creative cycle. We see the true esoteric assignment in knowing that there are macrocosmic and microcosmic connections to these words. Once we begin to look deeper into these topics we can see so many mysteries unraveled. You should now see how a phrase like “bet the house” carries another esoteric motif!

Bet the House

The following is an excerpt from my book Red Pill Alchemy Volume 1

So, now stepping back into the creation cycle we see how important the numbers 9,10, &11 are to the Hindu teachings. We also see that great philosopher Manley P Hall referred to the dot in the circle as a primitive germ. This symbolism goes hand in hand with what was explained earlier about the primordial deities and the correspondence of the cosmic waters being equivalent to the womb. The fact that the primordial deities Nun and Chaos refer to the cosmos which is relative to the womb! We are coming through a cosmic womb in which is 0-9 or the three sets of 3! This is our primordial descent, and this is why we are in water for nine months in our mother’s womb! Now overstanding this at the 10/Yod “hand of god” we see that the man is 1 and woman is 0. We then enter the parallel and the pair of EL/Elohim as used in the Genesis construct.

EL is even at 11 Al Khalaqa. The 12th attribute Al Bari “the maker” is now taken into action because Genesis or B’reshith is the second phase after the primeval germ! The Old Testament, New Testament, & Quran all start with the B! The Quran starts with Muhammad saying Bismi! The New Testament starts with the word Biblos, which mean book in Greek! Finally, the Old Testament starts with Bara! The secondary phase is the house that is constructed for all that is made to fit inside of creation! The second letter in Hebrew is Bet נ, is relative to the 12th attribute Al Bari! Bet or BeYT is a cosmic womb!

Berg Writes

Cosmic Bet

Thus, cosmic Bet was an all-powerful energy-intelligence simply because her structure embodied the all-embracing unified whole. Her three-column structure enabled cosmic Bet to establish blessings in the universe and to bring about the unification of all the upper and lower worlds. I would like to suggest to the reader that you at least taste the awesome power of the universe. Scan the 72 names of god below and you will discover Lightforce inherent in the Hebrew letters of Alef Bet. If you cannot read Hebrew, may I suggest that you read the code of the letters anyway? I assure you that your subconscious—the real you, the 99 percent of you—will capture the essence of the cosmic code of the Lightforce. You will retain at least some of the portion of the internal Lightforce of the Creator. At this point, you may be asking yourself. How can a simple examination of letters that I can’t even read open a cosmic connection within my inner self?

The Cosmic Womb the Soul’s First House

Observe the checkout counter the next time you go to the supermarket. You will notice the clerk passing your packaged food items over a scanner so that a funny-looking configuration of lines faces the scanner. The scanner relays this information in a computer, which in turn instantaneously transmits the purchase price back to the cash register. This is precisely the interrelationship that exists between our eyes and our brain. When we scan the table of the 72 Names of God, we are entering information into our mental operating system. So, if you’re not familiar with Hebrew letters or words, at least you have the opportunity of copying the 72-letter data into the personalized computer of your mind. We have now connected with the software program or cosmic Bet by understanding her three-column structure. We have gained knowledge, and knowledge is the connection to the true reality. Information exists whether we know it or not, but knowledge is the connection between ourselves and the information. Knowing is a form of connection. Obviously, there was an act of physical intercourse between Adam and Eve, but that is not the point emphasized by the Zohar. The only way information can become connected with us is when we know it, thus turning mere information to knowledge. To know cosmic Bet, we had to first understand why she is structured the way she is. With that knowledge, we can proceed to make contact with the internal energy-thought-intelligence of the Lightforce that enables Bet’s unique blessing-energy to wield so much power. The Lightforce adjusts itself to the capability and capacity of the vessel manifesting the Lightforce in Bet’s case, the Lightforce created the ultimate engine of the universe—the unified model that would maintain balance in the cosmos.

Let us, therefore, examine what the Zohar tells us about the Lightforce as it became manifest within cosmic Bet. “Cosmic Bet” is the secret of Chochmah. She contains the mystery of Nekudah BeHaihkalah (Point of the Hail) for she represents Chesed (Mercy) of Chochmah. The light of Mercy is “hail” or “house” for the Light of Wisdom (the Lightforce). This the ultimate in “blessing” (balance), a point illustrated by the prophet Malachi in the verse: “I shall pour unto you a blessing, that there shall not be room enough to receive it. The Light that “descends” from the Endless is not diffused as it slices through the cosmos. From the beginning of its journey to the end. It is not deflected from its straight course by any metaphysical of energy or by any of the curtains it passes through. Therefore, cosmic Bet stated that she was suitable to be the channel of creation because she alone was not affected by negative forces and influences. The Dark Lord, seeking to increase dominion over the cosmos, could not use cosmic Bet as a source for additional energy. Only through a lack of deficiency can Satan find an opening by which to attack its victim. Cosmic Bet had no such lack; therefore, she was not vulnerable to the Dark Lord’s nefarious stratagems.

Now You must look at the houses of Astrology much different!

As you can now see the complexity and construct of the true creative sciences embody a vantage point that surpasses the typically vague and generic ideals pushed on the masses! We must realize that these principles were originally common knowledge in our original state. We must also see that numbers and letters have esoteric values that teach us greater mysteries! For these reasons, we must begin to incorporate ancient languages into how we decipher The Matrix, as well as numerical patterns! The Matrix is a womb as well as a construct!

Bet is the cosmic house that is constructed to place creation!

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