The Introduction That Had Everyone Stuck!


Introduction From Supreme Science Volume 1 Does The Matrix Really Exist?


Greetings I would like first to thank each and every one for their support in their purchase of my first offering of this magnitude. I will start by letting every reader know that if you like this book, things only get better from here. I have over the last five years submerged myself in many different teachings with only two things in mind. Learning the truths that have long been suppressed and helping others like myself gain the answers that their souls desperately need. I offer this book Supreme Science as an introduction to the things I’ve learned in my constant evolution. I make this statement now boldly. If you want to be free, read this book. These words are the “red pill only” movement. Wake up Neo, no more sleeping in bed. I am not here to say that I know it all. However, once you’ve completed this book, you will have learned many things that you may not have been aware of before. We will begin to see the deception in words like commercial and how this word truthfully “means money is god” because commerce=money and Al is the Ashuric Arabic way of saying “God” as in Allah, which is a feminine word. We will see how revenue means the devil because Anu is another name for the Most-High in the Sumerian language of Mesopotamia and rev means to reverse so Rev-Anu is the devil which is the reverse of the Most High. This deception is why in this Matrix they have sayings like “In God We Trust” on the greenbacks, which are truthfully fiat notes that hold no real value until the value is given to it by the blind. This Out-formation is vital for every man and woman to learn these things. I say, man and woman, because to label yourself as a person in this society; you are saying you are dead. Your credit cards show your name in all caps because you are a corporation.

The word corporation comes from the word corpse. You are a dead entity until you are rebirthed. This rebirth can be resurrected with via this Supreme Science. To call yourself black means the same thing. You are dead in a term called “color of law” once you claim Black as your race or Nationality. Now you know why the #blacklivesmatter campaign was funded by a billionaire European. George Soros gave 33 million dollars to various charities after the protests in Ferguson Missouri. The number 33 being an esoteric number used by occultists and Freemasons alike. The movie Immortals premiered 11/11/11 which is 33. 33 is also KKK because K is the 11th letter of the English Alphabet. The KKK is also a Christian organization. They’ve developed their holy book called the Kloran as well, this being a little-known fact. The KKK = 33, this just so happens to be the age that Jesus Christ died, and 33 is the number of the Master Mason. Jn 3:3 states “Jesus answered and said unto him, Verily, verily, I say unto thee, except a man be born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God”. This scripture shows that The Matrix is composed of many layers. The JC is Julius Caesar. Julian is July or Jew-lie. August is Augustus all from Au, which is the abbreviation for Gold in the elemental chart. The gold is the sun, and Au is also Ausar, which is a father deity in Egipt. The Elohim in Gen 2:12 state the “the gold of that land is good” There are critical points in this book that will be reiterated over and over again. The redundancy is necessary at times to display the significance of these things. This book is written in question and answer form in a pattern of mental liberation. We must ask questions to get answers in life. The days of blind faith without facts are over! We must KNOW; KNOWledge is to know. The good book tells us “my people are destroyed for lack of knowledge” faith and belief are dead. In this cycle knowledge reigns supreme. I write this transmission of peace and love for all humanity. We must give these disagreeable forces (architects of this Matrix) all their fabrications. We must seek fact with an overstanding that the truth is both absolute and relative. I bid you peace in your travels and welcome you to the Supreme Science

This Book Will Change Your Life!!!!!